Fresh Fish & Seafood

Fresh fish every Day!
Fish of the day, ask our waiter for details!


Fresh Fish

Grilled Salmon

With roast potatoes, horseradish mousse and rucola. 200/180 g


Pan Pacyfic

Fresh fillet with red curry and fresh herbs.


Labrax (European Seabass)

Stuffed with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs served on vegetable salad. 1 pc.


Mixed Seafoof A'La Plancha

Fried shrimp, calamari, mussels, octopus, fish with olive oil, parsley and garlic. 300 g


Fresh Oysters


Rockefeller Oyster


Baked Oyster with Prawns


Cold Appetizers


With horseradish cream and potato. 120 g.


Octopus Carpaccio

With fennel salad, olive oil, hot pepper and fresh herbs. 60 g.


Salmon Tartare

With avocado, chilli, japanese yuzu and herbs. 150 g


Tataki Tuna

Slices of tuna with avocado salad, fresh herbs and greek style yoghurt. 180 g


Fresh Seafood Mix 

Exquisite seafood served on ice.


Hot Appetizers

Grilled Octopus

With oriental salad with cucumber. 120 g.


We Strongly Recommend

Hot Crabs! For the first time in Poland!

Alaska Crab Legs

Delicate Alaskan Crab legs with hot butter.



Oriental Thai Soup*

Served with chicken or prawns. 200 ml.

Fish Soup with Saffron

250 g.


Soup of The Day

250 g.


* dishes contain cilantro