Hot Starters


Crispy Calamari

With lemon aioli sauce and tomato salsa. 180/100 g


Grilled Octopus Galician Style

With grilled onions, potatoes and fresh tomatoes. 70 g


Traditional Polish Pierogi

With butter, sage and caramelized onion
Please choose:
with meat, cheese, or cabbage with mushrooms. 9 pcs.


Grilled Artichokes*

Served on sunchoke cream, with poached egg, fried almonds and truffle oil.



With bruschetta, rucola, tomato concasse and with wine butter sauce. 6 szt.


Hot Crab Legs!

Alaska Crab Legs

Delicate Alaskan Crab Legs with hot butter


*Dishes may be prepared in vegan version