Cold Appetizers


Hummus & Pita*

Chickpea puree served with sesame paste and pita bread. 150 g/1 szt.


Mezze Mix*

Mediterranean mix.


Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio

With balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts and grana padano cheese. 60 g


Octopus carpaccio

With fennel salad, olive oil, hot pepper and fresh herbs. 60 g


Traditional Beef Tartare

With onion, pickled cucumber, mustard and sprat. 150 g


NEW!!! Oriental Beef Tartare

With shallot, chili, fresh herbs and cashew nuts. 150 g


NEW!!! Salmon Tartare

With avocado, lime juice and greek yoghurt. 120 g.


Lithuanian Style Herring

With horseradish cream and potato. 120 g


NEW!!! Tataki Tuna

Slices of tuna with avocado salad, fresh herbs and greek style yoghurt.


Fresh Seafood Mix

Exquisite seafood served on ice


*Dishes may be prepared in vegan version