Der Elefant Meat


Cold Appetizers

Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio

With balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts and grana padano cheese. 60 g


Beef Tartare

With shallot, pickled cucumber, caper, parsley, vinaigrette sauce, crostini and quail egg. 150 g


Hot Starters

Traditional Polish Pierogi

With butter, sage and caramelized onion
Please choose:
With meat, cheese, or cabbage with mushrooms. 12 pcs.


Prime meats, steaks & burgers!

Don't hesitate to eat our burgers with your bare hands.
It's the only way to full enjoy their taste
and get 100% satusfactuin! Enjoy!


Classic Burger

Fresh chopped grilled beef in crispy bun with aioli and sriracha sauces, french fries and salad. 240/200 g


Blue Cheese Burger

Classic Burger stuffed with ripened cheese with aioli and sriracha sauces, french fries and salad. 240/200 g


Double Burger

Double size - double pleasure!
With aioli and sriracha sauces, french fries and salad. 400/360 g


Please choose one of the free extras:
cheese, bacon, fried egg or grilled onion


All steaks are served with your choice of extras


Filet Mignon

Fresh polish beef tenderloin with carmelized onion and garlic confit. 250/200 g


Chopped Steak

Fresh chopped beef grilled to perfection - just the way you like it 240/200 g


New York Strip Steak

Ffresh imported royal beefsteak. 250/200 g


Black Angus Steak

Juicy steak fron black angus beef. 250/200 g


Canard Cassis

Half of a roasted duck with blackcurrant sauce and sauteed red cabbage. 1/2 pc./100 g


Veal Schnitzel As In Vienna

With mashed potatoes and green salad. 180/160 g


With our steaks we recommend:
red wine-shallot sauce, cognac-peppercorn sauce or chanterelle demi-glace sauce



Tortellini With Oxtail Meat

With natural gravy, green peas and celery root mash. 7 pcs.



Cesar Salad

With bacon and parmesan. 250/30 g
Please choose: chicken 100 g or prawns 3 pcs.